Brand: Ere Perez

Ere Perez 

Ere Perez was destined to start her own holistic beauty line. Growing up in Mexico with a traditional medicine man as her grandfather, and a mother who made home beauty remedies, Ere was always passionate about natural healing and beauty. This collection of botanical skincare cosmetics is her dream come true.

15 years on, and the Ere Perez HQ is still located in Bondi Beach, Sydney, where Ere and her family enjoy beach living and collaborate daily with her amazing team to create unique natural skin products that are luxurious, fuss-free, affordable, and all about healthy radiant skin. For Ere, natural beauty is about how you live your life, how you connect with the world, how you nourish your body inside and out.

Their essential skincare range features powerful and nourishing botanical ingredients. Ultimate hydration, protection and repair with natural nourishing formulas that promote healthy skin. Harnessing nature’s best to deliver radiant complexions. Showcasing unique Australian ingredients for that good skin glow.

As well as a full natural makeup range that covers all bases with high quality premium products. Suitable for all skin tones and sensitivities, our formulas are gentle and nurturing while allowing skin to breathe. Each with a unique star ingredient to enhance the skin’s natural condition. Celebrating the unique beauty in everyone with versatile colour palettes and shades. For healthy skin confidence.

Ere Perez Mascara
Health Simple products made from powerful botanical ingredients
to transform, nourish & create wellbeing. Our skin is a doorway: what we put onto it may directly enter our body and bloodstream. For this reason, choosing toxic-free beauty products is a commitment to better health. With advances in technology and latest research proving the power of plant-based ingredients & botanicals for skin, there’s no reason not to go ‘clean’.
Sustainability They have joined the UN Global Compact & are committed to the Sustainability Principles; and they are certified carbon neutral by The Carbon Reduction Institute.
Some of the products are refillable and most of the skincare is packaged in glass jars.
Ethics Their products are not tested on animals. They are certified cruelty free by PETA & Choose Cruelty Free Australia.
They are a predominantly vegan brand and do not use animal/animal-derived ingredients with the exception of almond mascara which contains beeswax, which we don't carry in the store.

Ere Perez green booster serumWhen I started using Ere Perez, they weren't making skincare yet. I was immediately a fan of their make-up items, though! Ere Perez makes very high-quality items for a price that's slightly lower than your average high-end eco-friendly make-up brand, which makes them a little more accessible for both natural skincare and make-up.

Now they also carry a skincare range. And that green serum. Oh my gosh... it's SO good. But when I discovered the Papaya SOS Marmelade I was even more blown away. It's the kind of product you can apply to broken skin. This makes it an incredibly powerful product. Whenever I have a cut, a wound, sunburn or an irritated nose (due to colds), I apply the papaya cream. The next day you can already feel and see the difference. I really didn't expect it to work as well as it did. That product really sealed the deal for me and pushed me over the edge to add Ere Perez to Florissana!