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We are very glad to announce that we have added a new range of products to our store: Yogandha oils! Just like all the other brands on Florissana, the products are healthy, eco-friendly and manufactured ethically and consciously.

Yogandha is unlike any other brand we have on Florissana. Although they still carry the same values: making healthy, conscious products. The health aspect of this brand goes much further than that. The name comes from the Sanskrit word Gandha, an ancient yogic practice of using fragrant substances to induce calming self-connection every day. This can have very positive effects on your mental health.

Fragrance fills Indian ashrams because it opens up the meditative mind and has an immediate effect on the nervous system. It is this tradition of using fragrant herbs and plants for mind-body wellbeing that yoga teacher and Yogandha founder, Sinead Duffy, is reviving. She spent three years meditating and blending on the wellness goals of her students to create the range. It was three years of herbal trance and the products are unlike anything else. They are complex and deep and Sinead likes to think that through deep meditation, she was able to allow a force to work through her, allowing the herbs to be synergized in the way they wanted to be. She dearly hopes that Yogandha oils will bring daily self-connection and calm into the lives of all they touch. She is very proud that the oils are now multi-award winning, though nothing is as important to her as having an deeply positive impact on your wellbeing, bringing moments of calm self-connection every day.

The benefits of Gandha for mind and body are deep, rippling out through every aspect of our lives and to those around us. They work holistically – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And, we believe that a stronger mind-body connection is fundamental to the wellbeing of our people and our planet. Daily use of herbs, resins, and plants, reminds us of this truth at a deeply subconscious level, reconnecting us with ourselves, with nature, with each other, and with our planet.

Start your day using Yogandha wellbeing body oils in the shower or as a body oil. As you apply, feel yourself letting go of the past and gaining clarity for the day. Use whichever oil resonates with your current headspace – Yogandha Detox to cleanse; Yogandha Muscle Soothe to ease and soothe; Yogandha Relax to nourish and calm. Use the mantra on the back of the bottle, or affirm your own intention for the day.

Have the three Yogandha rollerballs on hand all day. Yogandha Ground to calm; Yogandha Salute to energise and focus; Yogandha Balance to recalibrate. Keep them visible on your desk. Keep them in your bag and in your car. Breathing these sacred herbs will calm you and bring you into the moment. You’ll feel it instantly.

Yogandha Body Oils

Health The products are made from natural ingredients utilizing oils and essential oils. Plant-based oils like coconut oil act like a carrier for the essential oils (which are responsible for the scent). Fragrance opens the meditative mind and can bring mindfulness and deep wellbeing into your every day. Learn more about their key ingredients here.
Sustainability All of Yogandha's packaging is post-recycled or recyclable. They don't use glue for the recycled cardboard boxes the products come in. The products themselves are handmade in Ireland using only natural ingredients.
Ethics The company donates 5% of their profits to Women for Women International.
The products are handmade in the Ireland using natural and plant-based ingredients. All products are cruelty-free and vegan, so never tested on animals.

Yogandha RollerballsBesides my interest in an ethical lifestyle, I also really like (and teach) yoga. I was interested in learning more about aromatherapy and how certain essential oils can have an effect on different energy centers (chakra's). I eventually bought a bottle of Ylang Ylang essential oil, which is said to be helpful for both your heart and sacral chakra. It particularly helped with controlling the anxious feeling in my chest and create more balance in my state of mind in general.

So I started looking into blends that would have a certain effect on your body, as I did not have enough knowledge to do so myself, and having 10 bottles of different essential oils also seemed pretty wasteful. So I started searching for blends and eventually found... Yogandha. I bought all 6 of the products.

Since then I carry at least one of the rollerballs in my handbag. I apply them several times throughout the day depending on how I feel. They've had a very positive effect on my state of mind and/or energy levels (depending on which one I used). On top of that they smell great. The wellbeing oils are like a body lotion with added benefits. They've left my (very dry) skin feeling very soft. Even though it's oil, it sinks into your skin easily. I use the muscle soothe one whenever I feel a little sore, the relax one before I go to bed and the detox one at other times during the day.


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