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Kure Bazaar - The Good Nail Philosophy

When looking for eco-friendly, natural nail polish, there really are only a few brands worth your attention. Kure Bazaar was the first to emerge in the eco-friendly green beauty scene and it's still the one to watch. Eco-friendly, good quality and amazing colours. A brand we're happy to represent here at Florissana.

Kure Bazaar was founded by Kartika Luyet who started thinking about the things she put in and on her body while pregnant. She stopped wearing nail polish all together, because she couldn't find a brand that was good for you and offered appealing colours. That's when the research into sustainable, fashionable nail lacquer began. Years later, Kure Bazaar was born. A line of nail polishes that offer an incredible gloss, durability, quick-drying properties and sustainability!

There is no reason to sacrifice eco-friendliness or better-for-you nail polish for colour, style or quality as Kure Bazaar does it all. Kure Bazaar nail polishes are made of 85% natural ingredients without compromising on performance and come in a wide variety of colours. The ingredients they use include wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn. They drastically reduce the amount of ingredients derived from petrochemicals in comparison with mainstream brands.

The brand is certified 4-Free meaning they don't use Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl phthalate or Synthetic Camphor. Although not yet certified, Kure Bazaar has made a commitment to further innovate by formulating their products 10-Free, by also not using TPHP, Parabens, Xylene, Styrene, Benzophenone-1 and Benzophenone-3 in their formulations. These chemicals can potentially have a negative impact on your health and the environment when used frequently. Something you don't need to worry about when using Kure Bazaar.

    Kure Bazaar pink and red eco nail polishes

    Health Kure Bazaar constantly work on making their nail polishes as natural as possible and are on the way of making all of their polishes 10-Free. Thus formulating products without Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl phthalate, Synthetic Camphor, TPHP, Parabens, Xylene, Styrene, Benzophenone-1 and Benzophenone-3.
    After two years of research, they managed to get a distillation of organic solvents. The solvents do not come from derived chemical products but are natural. This was a breakthrough in eco nail polish. They prefer ingredients that can be found in nature, like wood pulp, cotton, corn and even potatoes as much as possible. After several more years of research (and being faced with a lot of obstacles) they managed to make a 100% natural nail polish remover that is also odor-free.
    Up to 85% of their formulation comes from natural ingredients. This way they dramatically reduce the use of chemicals originating from petrochemicals without compromise, impeccable resistance, ultra-shine and quick-dry. The bottles they use are glass and can be recycled.
    Ethics The composition of the nail polish is 100% vegan, and so are all the other items like the nail polish removers. All products are made in France.


    I have had mixed experiences with nail polish in general. It never lasts long enough, and I seem to constantly mess it up. I can't sit still for over half an hour to let it dry. I have too many things to do.

    If I would succeed the nail polish would be ruined after a day or two. I'm not about to sit still for half an hour every few days. Pre-green beauty days I tried out different brands like Essie, Lancôme and eventually settled for Dior as I found that it stayed on my nails the longest. When I switched to green beauty nail polish was one of the last things that I changed. Mostly because I never used it very often. I tried out a few very bad brands, until trying Kure Bazaar. It seemed to get the best reviews, so I eventually tried it out. I was amazed at the quality, which was better than any conventional nail polishes I had tried out.

    Still... I had to wait 30 minutes every time and, even though it already lasted twice as long, I still had to apply it two times a week. Too many times for me. This changed when I started using the Dry Finish top coat. I can apply my nail polish and let it dry within 20 minutes. It stays on my nails for at least 7 days (longer for normal people), and now I wear it much more regularly. The colour stays vibrant and glossy until I take it off. It's not a chore to apply it anymore.

    When I was talking about starting this webshop with my sister, I told her that Kure Bazaar was better than the Dior nail polish she was still using. She didn't believe me. But then she tried out Kure Bazaar and had to revise her opinion. Billie, our adopted dog, likes Kure Bazaar too. He kept wanting to appear on all the photos together with his sticks he just found in the garden.

    Kure Bazaar eco nail polish remover with husky dog Billie

    Inspired by all the pretty colours and quality Kure Bazaar offers? Use the discount code KUREBAZAARINTRO to receive 15% off of all Kure Bazaar products this week.

    Click here to shop the brand

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